We are happy to announce Enigmail 2.0.12 for Postbox 7!

Postbox is a commercial email client based on Thunderbird. We have cooperated with the Postbox developers to make Enigmail ready for their newest version, Postbox 7. With version 7, Postbox introduces a new feature called "Lab Experiments", and we are proud to announce that Enigmail is the first "experiment" available.

Compared to Enigmail on Thunderbird, there are a few notable differences in functionality:

  • No support for the pEp Junior mode on Postbox
  • Composing messages is restricted to PGP/MIME (no support for composing Inline-PGP messages)
  • No Enigmail Header Bar when reading messages - click on the pen/lock icon to get details about the decryption/verification status
  • The Enigmail menu is only available when composing messages