Recently, a severe vulnerability called "Efail" was detected that affects Thunderbird with S/MIME and Enigmail. The vulnerability is such that you could reveal decrypted message data to a malicious third party by just reading an email, without noticing it.

We have implemented fixed version of Enigmail that prevent from this vulnerability. We therefore recommend that you:

  1. update to Enigmail 2.0.5 as soon as possible.
  2. If you use S/MIME, view your messages as "Simple HTML". This will block sending anything unintentionally to an external server. To switch to the "Simple HTML" view, go to menu View > Message Body As > Simple HTML

As you will notice with the Enigmail 2.0.2 release, as well as on this web page, that we got a new logo :-).

I would like to thank Elio Qoshi from Ura Design who designed - on a voluntary basis - a new logo for us, as well as new icons. The new icons will come with one of the next releases.

Many thanks!